About the book

Do you wonder what the first year of teaching will be like? Teaching for God’s Glory helps navigate new teachers through their first year of teaching. The book details how you can prepare for a great start to the year, and provides daily tips, advice, and reflection on issues that new and veteran teachers might encounter.

Teaching For God’s Glory is a daily guide and support for new teachers. Each day there is an inspirational Bible verse or quote for reflection as well as advice from veteran master teachers all across the country. The book covers topics such as behavior management, collaborating with colleagues, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Every Friday, there is a page to journal what went well, opportunities for growth, and prayer requests.

Teaching for God’s Glory has information and advice that many educators across the country wish they had received when they were in college. Teaching for God’s Glory makes an excellent gift and guide for the educator starting their teaching adventure.

ABOUT THE author

Tyler Harms has been a special educator for over a decade. He has taught in the elementary and secondary school settings. Tyler is a dedicated advocate for students and their families. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree at Calvin College located in Grand Rapids, MI. He holds Master’s Degrees in both Special Education and Mathematics. Tyler often speaks to undergraduate students about the transition from student teaching to running their own classroom.

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